Ahriman_Head _Steiner

On January 9th, 2011, I was watching CNN.
I saw that the digital television was ‘glitching.’

I’ve always been fascinated by the audiovisual aspect
of this.  Sometimes it can last for minutes.

When I saw this occurring, I pulled out my Blackberry and recorded the audio.
Click here to listen to Ahriman (Source  Audio).

I had just learned about a free sound stretching program
and decided to try it out with the glitch recording.

I couldn’t figure out how to use it and ended up forgetting about the whole thing.

About 2 months later I found these enormous sound files on my computer’s hard drive.
It took me a minute, but eventually I figured out they were my stretch attempts.
After listening to them, it was obvious that a new GoaT’s PupiL album was practically in the can.

I decided to use a concept that has interested me for years.
It was created by the occultist Rudolph Steiner.
A brief description can be found in within this illustration I did (click to enlarge and read):


Seeing as the source of these recordings was from a television, it
seemed to fit well with Steiner’s interpretation of Ahriman.

Click here for a bunch of articles on Ahriman.


Ahriman (2011)

Si Ombrellone was enlisted to add some guitar noise to an additional track,  “Ahriman’s Call.”

One thought on “IS 008: GOAT’S PUPIL: AHRIMAN

  1. Wild! I love your journal drawings and the beautiful dedication to dear Rudolf Steiner. He surely is smiling to know that you deduced this connection. Bravo!

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